Monday, March 18, 2013

Help is Here: NAFCU’s 2013 Credit Union Compliance GPS


Written By JiJi Bahhur, Regulatory Compliance Counsel

We talk to credit unions every day. And, we hear the same concerns, fears and frustrations:

  • How do we keep up?
  • How do we know if this is the latest information?
  • Where can I find that guidance document?
  • When will someone explain this information in plain English?
  • How do we get everyone on the same page without busting our limited training budget?

It is with these conversations in mind that we created the GPS and are pleased to announce the 2013 edition (with a very shameless plug).

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Avoiding Common Social Media Mistakes

Avoiding Common Social Media Mistakes: Social media offers infinite opportunities to interact with existing and potential customers, build your brand and promote your company’s offerings to the world. However, the vastness of social media also makes it possible that your posts will disappear into cyberspace without causing the impact you imagined.

How a lifetime income annuity works

When the topic turns to annuities, people's eyes glaze over, their heads nod and before long they're in a deep slumber. I hope the following clears up a few questions I have been asked.

By Walter Updegrave @Money March 6, 2013

To avoid the above reaction (I hope), I'm going to try a different approach to explaining how annuities provide income for life -- and why anyone retired or on the verge of retirement might want to consider buying one. >>READ MORE>>How a lifetime income annuity works: