Friday, August 16, 2013

How to manage your online reputation

I would like to share this Blog with you.

Managing your online reputation can be a daunting task at times – whether it’s because you’ve posted something less than smart on Facebook, someone assumes your name or someone is talking about you and your business and you can’t control what they’re saying. The Internet is impossible to control, and anyone can say anything about you – that, in the end, is the beauty of the Internet. However, it’s not just about what others are saying about you, but also how you conduct yourself online, and especially on social media that can damage your reputation.

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Miamians Unite To Oppose Massive Grove Bayfront Development

Miamians Unite To Oppose Massive
Grove Bayfront Development

NEWSFLASH...In an occurrence about as rare as snow in July, Miamians all across the city are joining together to fight the loss of yet another piece of the Coconut Grove Bayfront to commercial development.

In an attempt to thwart the construction of more than 100,000 square feet of shops, restaurants, bars and a massive quarter of a million square foot parking garage on the Bay, Miamians are uniting like never before. More than 1,000 concerned citizens have signed a petition to stop this ill-conceived development from coming to fruition. The petition "STOP GROVE HARBOR" has drawn tremedous interest and support from all corners of the city.

The petition, online for only ten days has garnered more than 1,100 signatures to stop this project. A coalition has formed to organize a unified front to defeat this TAKING of OUR PUBLIC LAND for private use. Please join us in informing our elected officials of your opposition to their plans to take yet another piece of our historically important, uniquely scenic, and irreplaceable Bayfront and hide it behind facades of industrial and commercial buildings. The Bay belongs to all Miamians.

Have Your Voice Heard...Sign The Petition!




Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stop Grove Harbor

If you ask, I bet this is what most of the Grove thought they were going to get, up graded facilities.

This starts on page 25 of the RFP after all of the other BS and pipe dreams. Lots of renovation/ redeveloping  requirements not changing the complete face of the Grove, no retail,  NO parking Garage !

Anything more than this is just some politicians wish list. I guess they figured they might as well see how much they can get while they were at it.

Out of the RFP page 25 so far back no one will read it.

Required Renovations/Redevelopment:

The Proposer shall include a detailed renovation/redevelopment plan for the individual marina/boatyard and restaurant components of the Property, including the following below.

Proposers have the option to combine the casual and formal restaurant uses in one facility, so long as the following requirements are met.

Marina Renovations:

Renovating the two (2) hangar buildings in place to provide for best utilization of available space for dry rack storage and/or other uses. Exterior and interior of hanger buildings should be completely renovated pursuant to the City Code Section 23 in a manner compatible to the adjoining Grove Harbor Marina hangers.

The marina pavement must be designed and refurbished or reconstructed to meet applicable design criteria for appropriate vehicles and loads to result from the proposed marina use and be visually appealing.

The successful Proposer shall have the entire dock/bulkhead alongside the waterfront portions of the Property evaluated by a licensed structural engineer with background in marine/coastal projects. The City shall have the right to review, comment, and consent to the report. The successful Proposer shall renovate and/or reconstruct the dock bulkhead to address all structural deficiencies identified and shall provide an aesthetically improved wall. The successful Proposer shall maintain the dock/bulkhead wall in “new” condition for the duration of the lease.

The successful Proposer shall be required to provide no less than 400 dry racks on-site.

Casual Restaurant Renovations/Redevelopment:

The proposal shall include a detailed renovation/redevelopment plan for a casual outdoor restaurant component with a covered outdoor area and patio.

Kitchen facility shall be completely renovated or redeveloped in order to comply with all current and applicable local, state and federal code requirements including all applicable ADA requirements.

Formal Restaurant Renovations/Redevelopment:

The proposal shall include a detailed renovation/redevelopment plan for a formal restaurant component, including the following:

Kitchen facility shall be completely renovated and/or redeveloped in order to comply with all current and applicable local, state and federal code requirements including ADA compliance.

Interior of the restaurant shall be completely remodeled.

Structural modifications/reconstruction shall be made to provide full height windows to improve waterfront visibility.

Mandatory Dock Improvements:

The successful Proposer shall include the following improvements to maximize boating access and transient dockage participation reflecting concepts in the Master Plan and all applicable government regulations and agencies:

Proposers shall incorporate a new floating dock with permanent piles at the formal and informal restaurants as well as new floating finger piers with permanent piles for the fueling and boat storage operation.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Stop Grove Harbor Coconut Grove, FL

Here is a good perspective of what the garage would look like that the City wants to build on Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove, FL. Is this really what everyone wants to look at as they drive into the Grove. Look how it dwarfs the other buildings.  Copy of Veleta renderings.pdf Parking Garage on Bayshore